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iPod 60GB
July 4, 2005:Happy birthday to Canada, America, and me, in no particular order. To celebrate, I bought myself a 60GB iPod Photo. I plan not only to go nuts loading it UP with digital audio and photo information, but to also join the newest internet wave: podcasting! People gripe about iPod not doing video, but the number two cool thing about the iPod is the ability to seamlessly intergrate it into your lifestyle...something you could not do whilst commiting the majority of your senses staring dumbly at moving pictures. So what's the number one coolest thing, you ask? The closest implementation to a perfect user interface ever designed. Not too much (that can be done on my iMac G5, of course...), not too little, and so intuitive you don't even need to read the manual...except to find out how to reset the sucker when it locks up. But that's only happened once, and if that's the only gripe I ever have, then this is one of the best purchases of my life.

On a slightly (but just slightly...) less geeky side, my family took me to the most delicious Hawaiian Buffet I have ever eaten. And that's saying something, as I have lived in Hawaii for six months and sampled everything under the setting sun available in the tourist's paradise of Waikiki.

Dare I actually start putting some of my growing collection of digital photos online someday?

May 30th, 2005:For the first time in years, I am actually working on a new section of this website! It will be dedicated to my iMac and all the wonderful, glorious new worlds it has opened UP for me. iLife '05 alone is so awesome that it brings my whole family together for projects ranging from slick birthday photo books to killer DVD productions...and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

I'll save the rest of the gushing for my in-progress iMac fan pages, but special mention should also go out to Skype. For only 30 Euro (less than US $40 for you less worldly folk) I have a phone number in my local hometown that connects directly to my computer in even my somewhat techologically impared parents and grandparents can call me halfway around the world for free, using an actual telephone!

iMac G5
March 7th, 2005:

January 4, 2005:My Christmas present to iMac G5! This pretty little sucker us helping me to rediscover the joy I once had in computing, before the Windows clone drones sucked most of that joy away. Now that I have a real computer once more, maybe I'll even work on making v4 this year!
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