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Quick comment regarding whatsnew page:
February 21st, 2007:Four years ago, I added a function that automatically populates an image based on the content of the blog entry by using a call to Google Images and pulling out one of the most popular results. Unfortunately, the call for several images takes so long that the top page won't even load half the time, so I had to take out this real time routine. So now I a, generating a static copy of the homepage and only update for each new entry, which makes load time much faster. However, this ends UP breaking the automated RSS updating, so I will need to do some reprogramming in the future to keep the speed while fixing the dynamic content functions.
February 25th, 2004:What's new? Nothing's new? Well almost nothing...put some RSS Feeds on the top page so that it looks like it changes from time to time. Otherwise, same job, same life, same everything. Try the Blog Bitch pages if you want something different.
February 20th, 2003:The quickie anonymous comment thingie is back, and moved UP near the top of the page so that it's more easy to see. So now if you're too chicken or lazy to contact me the normal way, feel free to send off a little one-liner this way (you'll need to put your name or e-mail address in if you want me to reply back though)
February 13th, 2003:The "edit this page" option at the bottom of the page is for my benefit only! Mine, mine, mine! Well OK, you can try clicking it, but it won't do you much good.
February 10th, 2003:My site on filing United States tax forms for Americans living in Japan is complete, at least for the simple case (single, making less than $80,000 a year). See if this looks useful, and let me know if there is anything I can do to improve it.
January 17th, 2003:I'm working on a FAQ for Americans in Japan on filing United States tax forms (yes, you still have to do that even if you live here!) It's still a work in progress, but check it out if you're interested.
January 6th, 2003:Happy New Year! I know that the lack of images on this site make it seem a little bland, but I am not a graphic designer, and images are notoriously difficult to handle programmatically. Fortunately, I realized that Google has already done the grunt work for me, so now I can offer an "Image Enhanced" site that looks UP the context of my text and automagically selects and inserts what it feels are "appropriate" images. The results, as best illustrated in the tidbits section, are surprisingly good. Check it out!
December 2nd, 2002:Some new information on my APII site added.
August 7th, 2002:Search function now included on left side navigation, available from all pages of my site.
July 24th, 2002:Added a new component to my XML that allow me to insert RSS Feeds anywhere. First implentation of this is the Wired news story on the index page.
May 30th, 2002:Now that I have over 100 different links throughout my pages, I have created a glossary listing all of them in one convenient area.

Later, I updated my stock pages to give a more accurate assessment on where I stand on that these days.

May 14th, 2002:Made a crude little chat page, for the rare case of two or more people coming to this site at the same time. Or just drop me a little message if you like!
April 18th, 2002:Created an equation search engine to help people determine the maximum score possible for the Number Ladder Game Super Challenge (and a solution for the maximum score for all the lazy people) Updated the projects page with a more detailed explanation of this.
February 19th, 2002:Created the Blog Bitch pages explaining the concept behind the Blog Bitch site.
February 7th, 2002:Added links to my Amazon reviews and ebay auctions..
February 4th, 2002:Updated the APII page with Standard & Poor's comments on the stock.
January 9th, 2002:Updated the stock page to reflect my new views on the market.
December 7th, 2001:Created the new evolution section of my site, in memorandum to its previous encarnations.
November 27th, 2001:Updated the APII page with more current news on the stock.
November 26th, 2001:Got a quick comment on one of the pages on this site, but don't want to go through the trouble of sending an email? Then just fire off a quickie one-liner on the new message space provided at the bottom of each page on this site.
November 14th, 2001:My occasional tidbits on the index page are now archived on a separate page.
November 5th, 2001:Added the Awakener to my Japan pages.
October 1st, 2001:Added an explanation of what happened to my Skuld Shrine.
July 3rd, 2001:Spiffy new resume layout, but use the old resume for printouts.
July 2nd, 2001:Changed the top nav bar to appear on the left side. This frees UP more room at the top of the content page, while still allowing the user to navigate the site from both the top and bottom of the pages.
May 22nd, 2001:My APII stock page has been updated several times over the past month and a half. Follow my roller coaster quest to double my virtual money in six months time!
April 10th, 2001:Site is finally "operational", though by no means "complete". index page has been updated. Created a page for all of my projects, and my stock page devoted to my novice habit of picking stocks that will double in value. Also added functionality to automatically add links to some words to enhance the content.
April 9th, 2001:Finished making the first draft CGI program to parse the XML data for this site. Now the data and the design are (almost) totally separated! But I still leave myself the freedom to make little design changes within the content as I see fit.
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