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Quick comment regarding yahoofree page:
Hey! When you're done here, why not check out the rest of my site?

NEW!Yet another testimonial that the YahooFree registration (sometimes) works!

January 15th, 2003:Well, I'm leaving this site up, but from where I stand getting into the Yahoo directory no longer means a darned thing. Lemme try to explain...

Before I created this page, I had gotten my searchspell site listed in the Yahoo Directory (it is in a free category, so I didn't need to pay or use this tool to get in anyway). The result was an immediate spike in hits, close to a hundred a day from Yahoo. This kept UP for several months, then around October, Yahoo hits dropped to almost nothing. The reason? Yahoo no longer even defaults to it's own directory for searches from its top pages, defaulting to search engine results instead. Though I show up prominantly on the directory link that almost nobody sees anymore, the web search is currently down in the #8 position (and for a strange site link at that). So I ask, what is the point of spending $300 or spending $0 to get into a directory that nobody is going to see anyhow?

Anyhow, I've gotten those hits and several times more back by using my unique typo site generation program that makes it easy for anybody to pick the high-hanging fruit of misspelled searches for only $59.99. If that's too much money, there's also a free typo-generation tool on that site that gives you the information to do it yourself for free.

I've updated this page to hopefully provide more lucid instructions. If this still seems unclear or you notice a genuine problem then let me know, but not until you've read all of this first!

To use the Yahoo backdoor, follow these instructions very carefully:

  1. In a separate browser window, surf to the directory category you want to be listed in.
  2. At the bottom of the page, find the "Suggest a Site" link and click on it to take you to the "Suggest a Site to Yahoo!" page. If you end up at the "Please be more specific" page, you must drill down to a more specific category before you will be allowed to submit to the index.
  3. If the "Standard" option is available, you do not need to use this backdoor to submit your site for free. But if the only option available is "Yahoo! Express", then copy the URL from the browser's address bar and return to this page.
  4. Paste the URL into this text box and click the "backdoor" button. The URL should look like{some number}), or you have not followed the procedure properly, and this backdoor will not work.
Yahoo URL:
You will then be directed to the normal free Suggest A Site application for your category.

A simple explanation of what this does, for all who've asked. There is no password spoofing or payment simulation going on here. Also, you will not get expedited consideration for your site. All this is doing is sending a form request to the normal Yahoo Standard Submission routine with the directory that you use to suggest your site. Two ways Yahoo could keep this from working would be to either block all form submissions not originating from the Yahoo domain (as any smart administrator would do), or by incorporating the same code that recognizes commercial/non-commercial directories into it's Standard Submission routine. That such a large site has done neither leads me to believe that they are either totally incompetant, or do not particularly care if somebody does this. But, should Yahoo ever contact me and object to this site, it will be taken down as soon as possible, so I offer no guarantees as to its continued availability.

One final note: if you get listed in Yahoo by this method, let me know. I'd like to have some data on what kind of sites are getting accepted by this method (I won't give your information to anybody, but if you still feel uncomfortable about giving me a URL, just tell me what category you got accepted to instead.) Here are a couple of notes I've received so far (from people who agreed to let me publish them):

I submitted through your site and both my site and the company I work for got in - and highly ranked on our keyword as well! It took about 4 weeks, but well worth it! - S.F.

You're a programming genius! Not only did I successfully get my company listed on Yahoo through your submission program, I even got a pleasant acknowledgement from Yahoo when the submission was accepted. Congratulations, and thanks for your wonderful service. Sincerely, Steve S.

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